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Be rewarded with Elevate

Transparent. Accessible. Rewarding. That’s Elevate.

From the very start of our Elevate journey, we highlighted our intention to expand the qualifying criteria over time as both your businesses and ours, evolve. Our Elevate program includes a range of qualitative metrics delivering a program that truly reflects the value of your business and good customer outcomes.

An evolving program

From 1 January, 2019 Elevate will change from a three-tier program of Gold, Silver and Bronze to a two-tier model comprising Gold and Accredited tiers. Gold status eligibility metrics will be expanded beyond business volume, with a focus on delivering the best outcomes for customers, with service and benefits aligned accordingly. Gold brokers will continue to receive priority service and Accredited brokers will receive our standard service.

Following a 3-month qualification period, changes to broker segmentation will occur from 1 April 2019, giving you the opportunity to adjust your way of working in line with the new qualifying criteria.

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