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Deposit Kickstart Home Loan Solution

Designed to help people buy their home sooner with the support of a guarantor.


Key Benefits
  • Lenders Mortgage Insurance is not required potentially saving borrowers thousands of dollars
  • Fees, charges and debt consolidation can be included in loan amount of up to 110% of confirmed value of borrower's property


Product Overview
Loan Purpose Purchase or refinance of owner occupied residence. Purchase or refinance of vacant land with immediate construction of owner occupied residence.
Loan Structure

Maximum loan amount is 110% of the confirmed value of the purchase property and can include bank, government and legal fees.

Maximum Loan to Valuation Ratio is 80% of the combined, confirmed value of the borrower's security property and the guarantors supporting security property. This includes any debt already outstanding on the guarantors supporting security property and an additional contingency factor if the first mortgage is not with Suncorp Bank.

Must be structured as two loans but both are in the name of the borrower.

  • Maximum guaranteed component is 30% of total
  • Minimum non-guaranteed component is 80% of total
Legal and Financial Advice Guarantors must obtain independent legal and financial advice.
Product Choice Back to Basics, Standard Variable Rate, Standard 1, 2, 3 & 5 Year Fixed Rate.
Home Package Plus All the benefits of the Home Package Plus are available with the Standard Variable Rate and Standard Fixed Rate Loans.
Interest Only Payment Option The guaranteed component (maximum 30% of total) must be principal and interest. 5 years interest only (paid monthly in arrears) is an option for the non-guaranteed component (minimum 80% of total), to convert to principal and interest upon expiry of interest only period.
Additional Repayments Available. Restrictions apply for Fixed Rate Loans. Refer to specifications for each product type.
Cashback (Redraw) Available on Back to Basics and Standard Variable Rate.
Progress Draws Can be used for construction with Back to Basics or Standard Variable Rate Loans.
100% Interest Offset Account (Standard Variable Only) Funds held in Everyday Options account will be offset against the balance of the linked home loan before interest is charged. A once only Mortgage Offset linking fee of $75 applies.
  • Investment loans
  • Asset Line facilities
  • Overtime income
  • Income from second job
  • Overseas income
  • Non Residents
  • Trusts
  • Companies
  • Government pensions

Deposit Kickstart Structure

Up to 110% Borrower must demonstrate the ability to service the loan in their own right   Refinance Optional for Guarantor
Loan A Loan B Loan C
Up to 80% of the confirmed security value Up to 30% of the confirmed security value Suncorp Bank refinances the Guarantor's property
P & I or I/O Term Loan Must be P & I Term Loan


All Options Available

No Asset Line No Asset Line
Full Doc Only Full Doc Only
Secured by 1st mortgage (borrower's property)

Secured by 1st mortgage (borrower's property)

Secured by guarantor's property being 1st or 2nd mortgage

Suncorp Bank takes a 1st mortgage

This tool is for use by a Suncorp Bank Business Development Manager or Broker and provides summary information only. This information is current 01/09/14. Information subject to change without notice. To approved applicants only. Exclusions and max loan amounts apply. Fees and charges, including government fees and charges apply. Conditions apply to all products, loan options, discounts and packages and are available from Suncorp-Metway Ltd ABN 66 010 831 722. Australian Credit Licence Number 229882.